PART B - Process Models

Dear Participant,

Thank you for participating in this study. Your contribution is valuable for our research on BPM.

This is part of an experiment on the understandability of business process models, designed by the researchers of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Information Systems Group.

Please note:

1. The experiment has TWO main parts, and the one you are viewing now is Part B on ‚Äúprocess model understandability‚ÄĚ. You are expected to do it in your convenient time until 25 November 2018 23:59. (Part A is accesible via to be completed until the same deadline!)

(Please do not wait to complete the experiment until the deadline, as the server may not be able to properly handle too many connections at the same time.)

2. The experiment will take about 45-60 minutes to complete, but there is no time-limitation.

3. However, you are expected to complete the questionnaire in one go - without any break .

4. The answers you will provide to the questions have no influence on your course grade. However, you are expected to take the experiment and questions seriously and attempt for an answer in order to be considered to have successfully participated. By participating in this experiment, you agree to this term.

5. The time you spent for answering each question is recorded (which gives a good indication of whether you took it seriously and deserve to be considered "done" with your assignment. Note that, in any case for research purposes, we will have to evaluate the time spent by each participant for each question for validity/reliability!).

6. It is not allowed to use any book, notes or other material.

7. The results of this experiment will not be released in any individually identifiable form. They will be treated strictly confidential and will only be used for scientific purposes. By participating in this experiment, you agree to the use of the data you provide for research purposes (please refer to the points below regarding confidentiality).

8. You will later receive feedback about your performance in some parts of the experiment.

9. If you have any questions, please contact through email.

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